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We invite you to browse our outstanding online catalog of gifts, collectibles, apparel, kids products, books, and multimedia in the Meteor Crater online store.  Please join us in our mission to support and care for the amazing natural and historical resource that we share here at Meteor Crater.

Meteor Crater Coloring Book $4.95

Your children will enjoy coloring and learning about Meteor Crater at the same time...

Meteor Crater Photo Pin $2.95

Choose from two different styles of hat pins. One has a picture of Meteor Crater on it, the other has the Meteor Crater logo.

Meteor Crater Hat Pin $2.95

Meteor Crater Magic Egg $4.25

     What Makes them magic?

        These opalescent glass eggs from China reflect light in wondrous ways.  Notice how the colors change with different light sources. The eggs are particularly alluring in water, in a   fountain the eggs reflect the surroundings and shimmer as water trickles over them. People of all ages are   intrigued by the mysterious Magic Egg.

The Meteor Crater Story $4.95

This 79 page book provides answers to the myriad of questions about Meteor Crater. Learn how the crater came to be and the history of discovery.  See historic photographs, how NASA trains astronauts at the crater, get information on other craters and plenty of other fascinating information. This guide to Meteor Crater provides plenty of information about this interstellar phenomenon.

Meteor Crater Shot Glass $4.95

If you are a shot glass collector, this unique piece will be an outstanding addition to your collection. This shot glass has a color photograph of an aerial view Meteor Crater wrapped around it. If you want a shot glass that is truly different, this is the glass to place in your collection.

Meteor Crater Embroidered Patch $4.95

This is an embroidered patch with the Meteor Crater logo. It is about 1 ½ inches in diameter.

Authentic Crater Dust $11.25

About 50,000 years ago a nickel-iron meteorite crashed into the Northern Arizona Desert.  Upon impact about half was ejected out of the crater.  About half is present in very small to microscopic spherules, mixing with debris scattered throughout the crater floor.  Found in this crater dust is a combination of meteorite spheroids and magnetic volcanic particles from the eruptions of Sunset Crater, northeast of Flagstaff, that occurred from 1064 A.D. to 1250 A.D. Your package includes a magnet, a little tube to hold your fragments and a magnifying glass.  Crater dust is a favorite among the all the kids.

Genuine Dinosaur Poop $7.99

Coprolite is fossilized dinosaur dung.  Coprolites range in size from 1/4" to 24" and can be 65 - 500 million years old.  Coprolites are among the rarest of all dinosaur fossils!

Meteorites Book $19.95

Meteorites are rocks from space that have fallen to the Earth's surface.  Once considered bad omens, they are now recognized as giving us a unique insight into the nature of material that was present at the formation of the solar system. 

Meteor Crater Canyon Diablo Meteorite Oxide $2600.00

Weighing in at 710 grams is a genuine piece of Canyon Diablo Meteorite Oxide fragment from Meteor Crater.  Scientist refer to the crater as Barringer Crater in honor of Daniel Barringer who was first to suggest that it was produced by a meteorite impact. 

DVD: IMPACT The Mystery of Meteor Crater $5.95

Join us as we explore the awesome forces of impact on our planet, the random collisions throughout our solor system, and the continuous bombardment of planet earth.

Meteor Crater Panoramic Picture Puzzle $16.49

12" x 36"  Panoramic Picture Jigsaw Puzzle - Over 500 Pieces!

(Includes free reference poster)


Meteor Crater Photo Mug $9.49

This mug Is a full colored with the picture of Meteor Crater wrapped around entire mug

Meteor Crater Playing Cards $5.95

  This is a standard set of playing cards with a photo of Meteor Crater in the background.

Meteor Crater Crossing Sign $18.49

This crossing sign has a picture of a meteor falling from the sky down onto a red corvette with the words "METEOR CROSSING".