Science Links

A hole in the ground may not look like much, however massive and awe inspiring, so we've assembled these links to read more about the science performed here and the organizations finding answers about the Universe buried deep in the crater.


In Memory of Dr. David J. Roddy 1932-2002

In Memory of Dr. Eugene M. Shoemaker 1928-1997

Carolyn Shoemaker names a Minor Planet for Leonard Wikberg III of Science Data

Science Data ~ Science Authoring, Consulting and Visualization

Barringer Meteorite Crater, Impact Theory and Meteor Craters

David H. Levy´s Home Page

David H. Levy´s ~ Let´s Talk Stars ~ Astronomy Talk Radio

University of Arizona's Regional Planetary Image Facility

The International Meteor Organization

The American Meteor Society

Asteroid Comet Impact Hazards

NASA's Near-Earth Object Program

Keeping an Eye on Space Rocks

The B612 Foundation

Terrestrial Impact Craters

Earth Impact Database

List Of The Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

Plot of the Inner Solar System

Meteors, Meteorites and Impacts

JPL's Solar System Dynamics Web Site

Planetary Data System

USGS Astrogeology Research Program


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Space Telescope Science Institute

Lunar and Planetary Institute

U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Geological Survey ~ Flagstaff Field Center

U.S. Naval Observatory ~ Flagstaff Field Station

Lowell Observatory

Museum of Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona University ~ Physics & Astronomy

Discovery Park ~ Southeastern Arizona´s Space, Science, & Cultural Center

SGI ~ Science Super Computing